Thursday, August 6, 2015

My review of Candace's new book Dancing through's a MUST READ!

What do you get when you combine Candace Cameron Bure and Dancing with the Stars? A GREAT book!

I feel like I grew up watching Candace grow up on Full House and admired her as an actress. I've seen her in about anything that she has been in, so was so excited when she was going to be on Dancing with the Stars!

This book takes you on a backstage journey through Candace's experiences both on and off the DWTS stage. Throughout her journey, she never once wavers on her faith. What a great role model for the females of today!

This post was inspired by Candace Cameron Bure’s new book, Dancing Through Life: Steps of

Courage and Conviction. Order your copy of #DancingThroughLife today!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

New Opportunity!!

Okay, so yeah, it's been like forever since I've written on this thing.  I will do my best to get better...........okay, at least try! lol

I'm so excited.  I've been chosen to be a part of Candace Cameron's book launch team.  I've never been a part of one before, so this is a new adventure!

So you will probably see many posts from me on FB, Twitter, etc....mentioning the book!  I've already read a little bit of the book and loved it and can't wait to read the rest!

Thanks for reading!  Will write soon (I hope). 


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bachelorette Des..........Week 7

Madeira Island/Portugal

Before the first date, some of Des' friends come for a visit and they are: Catherine, Lesley, and Jackie (from Sean's Bachelor season)

The girls question Des and the answers she gave are as follows:

Best kisser - Drew
Most successful - Michael
Most Athletic - Chris
Best Body - Drew
Best Eyes - Brooks
Most Adventurous - Zak

1st date - "On Cloud Nine" - Brooks

Des & Brooks drive around and keep climbing up the winding roads until they find themselves at the top of a mountain and they're in the clouds.

They decide to come up with adjectives for love and Des comes up with: stepping, skipping, jogging, running, and finish line.

She says that she's at the running stage.......however Brooks.......he is not.

They sit on a mountain on a blanket and the clouds completely cover them and then they scream......"I'm on Cloud Nine!"  (wow.....that was an original phrase......wonder where they thought of that one lol)

Then they have dinner on top of a building that over looks the city.  Very romantic.   Then after dinner, they have their own personal fireworks which they enjoy with hugging, snuggling, and kissing.

2nd date - "Let's sea if we can find love here": Chris

Des & Chris go out on a yacht to sail the open sea.  On the boat, Chris says "we're boating!"  (wow....he must get his original lines from Brooks lol)  Chris also informed Des that he brought his extra short shorts today. LOL  (he's so cute)

They arrive at a deserted island and they go and explore it.  They have a picnic and Chris had a surprise for her, he brought paper and a bottle, so they wrote a poem together and put it in the bottle and threw it out to sea.

After exploring the island, they head back for dinner and they have dinner in a winery.  During dinner, he shares a poem that he wrote about her and in the poem he tells her that he loves her.  This is followed by lots more kissing and then a very romantic walk.

3rd date: - "Let's have fun in Madeira" - Michael

Okay, I think I'll re-title this date as Boresville as I was bored just watching the date lol.

Michael and Des explore the city, tasting stuff in the market and they go shopping.  (they do hold hands)

Then they sit on a bench that has a beautiful waterfall as a backdrop, which would be very romantic. (only it wasn't).  On the bench.....there is a gap between chemistry.  However, he kisses her, but when he does that HE holds on, she doesn't.

After they leave the bench, they ride this toboggan  down the hill.  While they are on this wild ride, Des is not holding onto him and there is a little gap in between them.

They then have dinner in the middle of the city streets.  He talks about his mom raising him and his dad leaving.  During this conversation, it feels more like friends talking than a date. (in my opinion anyway)

After the dinner, they wander a little further and there is a woman singing (well, I'm not sure if singing is the right word, but it should have been an omen for Michael.....bless his heart).  During this musical experience, there was some hugging and minor kissing.

4th date: "I'm looking for a man that can make my heart race." - Drew, Zak

They go go-carting.  Drew & Zak have a race around the track.  Zak wins and the prize is........he gets to go first on the one-on-one time with Des. lol

During Zak's time, he shows Des the drawings that he's done of the adventures that they've done together so far.

When Des spends time with Drew, they mainly talk about his sister and how she communicates without talking.

Drew gets the rose!

Rose Ceremony:

Roses: Drew, Chris, Brooks, Zak

No Roses:Michael

Bachelorette Des..........Week 6

Barcelona, Spain

1st date - "Let's build a foundation for love" - Drew

As soon as Drew sees Des, he tells her that he hasn't been able to stop thinking about kissing her, so they kiss.

Then they explore the city.  Along the way they find some hot chocolate and kiss the foam off of each others lips. (awww)  Then they drink water from a fountain that rumor has it if you drink from that water fountain that you will come back to Spain.

They stop in a bakery/cafe and Drew talks about his father being his hero. His dad is a recovering alcoholic that has become a huge part of the AA community.  His father has cancer, but he doesn't let that stop him helping others with their addictions.

They have a nice dinner set up for them, but Drew pulls her outside into the alley for a kiss......a very passionate kiss, which surprises Des since she hasn't seen this side of Drew.

Drew gets the rose!

After he is safe with the rose, Drew tells Des about James and what he and Kasey heard him saying....regarding if he made it to the top 4 that he had a good chance of being the Bachelor and that it would change his life.

Needless to say, Des was pissed!

2nd date - "Looooooooooove" (you can't see it, but the o's are actually soccer balls) : Juan Pablo, James, Kasey, Brooks, Chris, Michael

They play soccer agains a pro girl soccer team.

The boys score easily the first 2 goals and think that they have this game in the bag.........however, they were mistaken.

James plays goalie, but doesn't really even try.........he is too scared that he's going to get hurt.  (WUSS!)

The girls win 10-2.  (yay girls!)

After the game, they head over to where Des is staying on this trip.

Des pulls Chris aside and takes him to her room where she shares a poem that she wrote to him on a postcard.  After that comes lots of kissing.  (who wouldn't want to keep kissing Chris......hello......he's cute!!)

Time with Brooks - they feel totally comfortable together and they are definitely emotionally invested

While Des was with Brooks, the guys confronted James.  James became irrational and kept cussing and was out of his mind.

When Kasey talks to Des, he also tells her about James.......which just verifies what Drew said.

Des tells the guys that no rose will be given out and for all of the guys to leave except for James.

Des then confronts James and he throws Mikey under the bus.  It's all Mikey's fault (uh huh......sure it is.)  James swears on his dad that he didn't say it.  Says that the guys gang on up him and then he starts crying and saying that's not why he's here.  Des starts crying.  (OMG.......I can't believe she actually fell for this crap.....he's OBVIOUSLY lying.)  She tells James that she's going to think about things and she'll talk to him later.

3rd date: - (not sure of the title, cuz never saw or heard it) - Zak

Zak and Des got to go to an art class.  ( least I would have lol)

First they get to draw this male model that is in full attire.........then after that a new male model comes in with a robe and takes it off and he is naked.  The look on Zak's face was priceless. LOL

After naked guy left, Zak says that he has an idea and he left the room.  When he comes back in, he's wearing a robe........and he takes it off and all he has on is his white he poses and let's Des draw him.  (he does seem to have a thing about not having clothes on..........yeah, still don't see him as being a priest! lol)

After he gets dressed again, they go to dinner in a wine cellar cave.  Zak tells Des that he wants a relationship like his parents.  They have been married for 30+ years.  However, he wants adventure and doesn't just want to settle down.

Zak gets the rose!

(one thing I noticed about Zak......when he smiles, he grins to the side and if he had a pipe, he would look just like Popeye lol)

Rose Ceremony:

Right before the ceremony, Des pulls James aside for another talk.  On this talk, James completely sells the innocent act and she fell for it.  *sigh*


Roses: Drew, Zak (from the dates), Chris, Brooks, Michael

No Roses: Juan Pablo (noooooooooo *sniffles*), Kasey (goodbye #hashtag guy), James (good riddance)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bachelorette Des..........Week 5


1st date - "In Munich, we can fall in love with each other" - Chris

 Des & Chris walk around and enjoy the city b y trying on clothes, tasting different foods, and dancing in the middle of the city to polka music.

In the middle of their date, Bryden arrives and asks if he can steal Des for a few minutes.  (AWKWARD)
But Bryden tells Des that he's leaving.  (I think she knew this was coming, but still was a shock.)

After telling Bryden goodbye, Des rejoins Chris and they got to this beautiful restaurant and drink beer from these huge beer mugs.

For dinner, they eat in a palace. Chris lets Des know that he is ready to start a family and that he is a relationship guy.  He wrote a poem for Des. 

When she kisses him, she rubs his ear.  (I think she likes him....or maybe he told her that his ear itches.....not sure. lol) 

Chris gets a rose!

After the rose has been given & accepted they are treated to a concert by Matt White.

2nd date - "Will you climb the highest mountain for me": Juan Pablo, James, Kasey, Zak, Brooks, Drew, Mikey

They ride a gondola up to the top of the mountains........absolutely a beautiful sight!

At the top, they get to meet a yodel man and each guy took their turns *signing* with him. lol

After yodeling, they were given sleds to ride down the mountain....and Des told them to "please be safe".

After sledding and some snowball fights, they got to go into this Igloo Hotel or Ice Mansion to hang out.

When Brooks and Des went off to talk, it was a nice and easy talk, and she pulled him in to kiss her.  (yep, I think he's her fave)

Mikey takes Des and they go and make snowmen.  (there just seems to be no chemistry between these two, but sadly I don't think he notices that....bless his heart)

Zak sings to get Des' attention away from Mikey.  During their chat, we learn that Zak was going to be a priest, but before he did that he went off on a soul searching mission and was in Munich when he decided not to be a priest.  (Wow........this is the guy that came shirtless to the first nite......the guy that was in the buff in his footage.......can you imagine him as a priest???  I sure can't. LOL)

Brooks gets the rose!

3rd date: - "Let's heat things up" - Ben, Michael

Needless to say Ben & Michael are NOT happy about going on this date together.  Michael calls the date "Armageddon".

Ben & Michael are taken in a limo to meet up with Des.  It was a very silent ride as neither said a word.  (they will make up for this later lol)

They meet up with Des and drink coffee on a park bench and then Des tells them that they're going to do the Polar Bear plunge, so they change into their swimwear. (None of them were too excited about this idea, but they were gonna do it.)

As they're about to get in, Des tells them that they're NOT doing the Polar Bear plunge and instead they are going in a "Hot Tug".  A "hot tug" is a wood fired hot tub that can maneuver through the lake. (it is a lime green hot tub lol)

The ride should have been fun, however it was not.  Michael interrogated Ben the whole time and poor Des was stuck in the middle of it.  (You'd almost feel sorry for Ben, but I didn't.)

After the ride, they had dinner in this wood cabin...........the whole dinner was awkward with more interrogation by Michael and of course Ben denying everything.

In the end, Michael ends up getting the rose and Ben pouts and goes outside.  He later shows us his true colors, but wanting to go to a bar and get drunk and find some girls........(..yeah, this is a real classy "family" man)

Rose Ceremony:

(Des looks like an old lady in her outfit............yuck!)

Roses: Chris, Brooks, & Michael (from the dates), Zak, Kasey, Juan Pablo, Drew, James

No Roses: Bryden (left on his own), Ben, Mikey

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bachelorette Des..........Week 4

Atlantic City

1st date - "Let our love shine through" - Brad

Brad and Des enjoyed walking on the boardwalk and then rode the Sling Shot (bungee jump) and rode several rides while they were there.  Then they enjoyed eating salt water taffy and chocolate (not together, of course).

After the Boardwalk, they walked on the beach and arrived at a beautiful sand castle (all set up for them).  (This was very awkward and I'm not sure who I felt more sorry for.  There was alot of pauses.  Not looking good for Brad's stay on the Bachelorette.  Maybe he'll redeem himself at dinner.....)

At dinner, we got to learn about Brad's pet peeves - people that can't be serious ever.  (Umm okay, I can kinda see that, but I have more pet peeves than that lol) They *attempted* to have a nice conversation at dinner, but sadly it didn't happen and we were back to more awkward pauses.  (nice knowin' ya Brad)

To finish off the odd date, they made a trek to the top of a lighthouse (tons and tons of stairs). They get to the top and it's such a beautiful setting for a romantic gesture...........however, nothing happened. Brad didn't even try to put his arms around her.

Brad was given the goodbye speech and told that there was no spark and he was sent to climb all those stairs alone.

2nd date - "I'm looking for my Mr. Right": Brooks, Bryden, Zack K, Kasey, Drew, Juan Pablo, Zak W, Mikey, Ben, Michael, Chris

 The boys were taken to Boardwalk Hall which is the famous location for the Ms America pageant. (yeah, do you see where this one is going???)

The guys find out that they're going to be competing in a Mr. America pageant. (Interview, talent, and swimsuit)  Not only that, but it will be before a LIVE audience. 

Interview round:
Kasey: giver or taker? giver, shows likes to show love and affection
Zak W: water or fire? fire
Brooks:  Animal in wild? lion, king of the jungle
Chris: What relationship skill do you need to improve on? take her out to dinner more (uhh odd answer)
Juan Pablo: Explain your ideal woman? She must love my daughter, good dancer
Mikey: What women don't understand about men? We're not just meatheads, we cry, have fun, we like walks on the beach

Talent round:
Kasey: tap dance
Mikey: strip dance/handstand
Brooks: sings with ukulele
Ben: dances with ribbons
Drew: quotes Shakespeare
Chris: hula hoops while wearing high heels  (odd again)
Bryden: dances
Zak W: sings with guitar

Swimsuit round:
Drew: Hawaiian shorts
Mikey: Hawaiian shorts (was disappointed he didn't get a speedo)
Zak W: red speedo (hey, at least he had SOME clothes on)
Brooks: Hawaiian shorts
Ben: small blue speedo
Zack K: pink/red board shorts

Guys all held hands to get the results. LOL

2nd runner up: Brooks
1st runner up: Zak W
Winner: Kasey

After the pageant, they had a pool party.  And Zak W receives the rose!

3rd date: - "Can our love weather the storm" - James

This was a more serious date, but a good one nonetheless.

James and Des were taken in a helicopter with a Red Cross lady to see the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy.   Then they landed and got to visit with a couple that lived out the storm and got to see inside their home (or what was left of it). 

James and Des decided to give the couple their nice romantic dinner and they went and found a small spaghetti place instead.  During this time, James confessed that he cheated on his gf in college and that he regrets it and wouldn't do it again.  He also says that he wants kids.  (still don't like or trust this guy)

They then meet up with the couple and they have a concert with Darius Rucker.

James gets the rose.

Rose Ceremony:

Roses: Zak W, James, Chris, Brooks, Juan Pablo, Drew, Michael, Ben, Kasey, Bryden, Mikey

No Roses: Brad, Zack K

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bachelorette Des..........Week 3

1st date - "Love is a Battlefield"  *starts singing-We are Young....heartache to heartache*

Picked for this date are the following "lucky" guys: Chris, Brian, Drew, Michael, Brooks, Brad, Mikey, Brandon, Zack K, and Ben

 The guys are taken to this warehouse where they get to meet a National Dodge Ball team.  And these guys were serious at their hobby/sport.

It was Pros vs Bachelor Boys...........needless to say, the Pros were kicking some major butt. lol

Luckily for the guys, Chris Harrison showed up and announced that they were going to play each other instead in a winner takes all match.  The guys were relieved that it at least would be a better match up.

They were divided into 2 teams.....Red vs Blue.

Team Red: Mikey, Michael, Brooks, Chris, Brandon
Team Blue: Ben, Drew, Zack K, Brad, Brian

They were sent off to get dressed and then brought out into public to the "cage".  The guys were dressed in short shorts, head bands, and striped socks. (to say they look hilarious would be an understatement lol)

Blue team wins 1st round.
Red team wins 2nd round.
Blue team wins 3rd round.

Blue team WINS!!!!  What do they win you ask?  Well, the knowledge that they won.  Yep, that's all, because Des decided that both teams were going to the after party. lol

During the game a medic had to come.  Brooks hurt his finger and had to be taken to the hospital.  His finger was broken.  Poor guy. :(

After the game was over, the guys got to change out of those silly outfits and got to hang out with Des.

Brad - (FINALLY we learn a little bit about this guy)..... he has a 3 year old son named Maddox and his son lives with him full time, he hasn't dated in 2 years.  He and Maddox's mother had a bad relationship due to her drinking.  He wants to find love. 

Chris - found an awesome spot for a one on one talk with Des.......on the roof.....beautiful setting.  Chris says that he feels more comfortable and more confident now.

Brooks comes back in time for the party, but poor thing....bad enough that he's hurt, but he's still wearing that silly outfit. lol  But Des takes him aside for some one on one time..........she kisses him and I know that made him forget all about his finger. :)

Chris is picked to receive the rose and thus gets more one on one time with Des.  They have their own private concert with some girl that I have no idea who she is.  They enjoy slow dancing and kissing while the other guys are looking on.

2nd date - "Love Defies Gravity": Kasey

 While Des is at her house waiting to go on her date with Kasey she receives a call from Chris H and he tells her that a guy is there for not the right reasons, so she goes to the house to confront the guy.

Once Des gets to the house she pulls Brian aside to talk to him and she asks him if he's there for the right reasons and asks about his last relationship again.  He lies.  As he's telling her that he's there for the right reasons, out walks Chris H with Brian's GIRLFRIEND Stephanie.  Stephanie lets him have it.  He had told her that he was going on a "business trip".  Needless to say, Des chose to send Brian home.

After all the drama, Kasey finally got to go on his date with Des.  However, the date was a disaster from the beginning.  Des' heart really wasn't in the date because of all the emotions....but she still tried to have a good time.

They went to Sunset Blvd and did some dancing on the side of a building.  (Yeah, I wouldn't have done that lol)

Then they had dinner on top of the building and while they were trying to have a conversation a storm came out of no where and the winds were blowing everything over.  They thought they could escape by jumping in the pool, but the pool was freezing and the wind on top of it.  They managed to kiss some in the pool (while having towels wrapped around their heads.)

To escape the horrible date, they ended up on the stairs inside the building.  I think Des felt bad for the bad date and wanted to give Kasey the rose to give him another chance.

3rd date: - "Who will be the LONE man standing"

The guys (Dan, James, Juan Pablo, Bryden, Zak W) were picked up in a stagecoach and taken to a ranch. 

At the ranch they got to meet the stunt team for the new movie "The Lone Ranger".  They were put in cowboy outfits (MUCH better than the silly dodgeball outfits) and they got to learn to lasso, quick draw, and fight for justice.

After they had learned their skills, they got to put them to use and "act" out a scene and in the end rescue the fair maiden (Des).  Must admit, this was pretty funny (and the guys looked good too).

Zak W ---his acting was of course funny
Bryden -- looked soo good and did a good job......can definitely picture him as a cowboy hero
Dan -- poor guy ripped his pants getting on the horse lol
James -- thought he should wear a black hat (he seems almost shady to me for some reason)
Juan Pablo -- did his act completely in spanish.  Did we understand what he said? Did anyone care?  Nope, but it was sure sexy!

Juan Pablo won the sheriff badge from Des and the one on one time.  They got to go into a barn where a movie theater was set up and they got to watch an early screening of "The Lone Ranger".  (I'm not sure that they saw all of the movie though, because there was alot of kissing going on)

After the movie, Des and all the guys were sitting around the fire. 

Bryden pulled Des aside and they sat up in a tree for their talk and kiss.  (sings to self "Bryden and Des sitting in a tree....K-i-s-s-i-n-g! lol)

Zak W - told her that he made an attempt to kiss her during his act, she had no idea lol   And then he talked about his hat that was too small, he's lots of fun, but I'm not sure that there is any chemistry with him and her

James - talks about the similarities between them, says that it's hard to even out his feelings. talks about his sick father, and then acts like he needs a self esteem boost and said "do you think you can see me staying here"  (Yeah, like she's just going to burst out and say NO *rolls eyes*)

James gets the rose.

Cocktail Party/Pool Party

At the house Chris H comes in and lets the guys know that there won't be a Cocktail party tonight, instead they are having a pool party this afternoon.  This announcement was exciting for all of the guys.  Much more relaxing situation.

Ben watches for Des to arrive and rushes out the door while she's still at the car and convinces her to take a 15 minute ride....which they do.  When they get back, they are spotted kissing in the car by some of the other guys.  Ben hurries off, but whispers "our secret" to Des.

Chris had a pizza box and opened it up and on the top it said "Will you be my girlfriend or is this too cheesy?" LOL  Thought that was funny (corny, but funny)

Ben lied about having alone time with Des and Mikey had enough of it and told Ben that they saw him with Des.

Brandon - tells Des that he is falling in love with her and he kisses her  (after the kiss, Des laughed.........this is never a good sign)

Rose Ceremony:

Roses: Chris & Kasey & James (from the dates),  Bryden, Juan Pablo, Zak W, Brooks, Drew, Zack K, Brad, Michael, Mikey, Ben

No Roses: Brian (sent home earlier), Brandon, Dan